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a phrase used to tell somebody they're crazy after making an absurd comment.

basically it's something used to say "you must be out of your mind," or "you must be crazy."
"Demarcus, I know you gunna let me copy your homework"

"Kill yo'self"
by Lethal Intent September 16, 2005
1. The name of (arguably) the best rapper in all of G-Unit. Represents the west coast and rolls with Dr Dre.

2. Nickname of the best wrestler in the world today. Also known as Triple H. The real wrestling god, whether you agree or not...it's facts

See also Triple H
1. "The Game is one of the hottest rappers on the west coast today."

2. "Triple H is the game, and he is THAT DAMN GOOD!"
by Lethal Intent May 19, 2005

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