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When noobs playing Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 2) set up a bitch class with lightweight, marathon and comando pro then pull out a care package but don't throw it, they sprint around at x2 faster speeds knifing everyone with their tac knife.
This fucking noob won't stop care packaging.. BACKOUT
by LessOffensive February 11, 2010
Alternative name for penis, usually used amongst males or as a joke.
Hey Matt you took a long time in the washroom, were you tampering with your release valve or something?

Friend 1:What took you so long to get here?

Friend 2: Sorry, I was stressed after a long day of work and, don't tell anyone but I had to pull my Pressure Release Valve
by LessOffensive September 20, 2009
Jizz + Hurricane = Jizzicane

A crazy jizz storm, jizzing everywhere and on stuff you didn't mean to.
"Aww dude, I totally unleashed a jizzicane last night, I hadn't masturbated in a while and this girl was sexting me, I swear it took me the rest of the night to find all the cum."
by LessOffensive March 03, 2010
Someone that tries really, really hard. "Try Hard Walsh"
Someone who wears a blue v-neck and red phillies hat everytime he wants to pick up girls, he will do a back flip to get her number and he is the best..

"stop being such a THW, an we all know Nikki is a 10
by LessOffensive December 02, 2010
Someone (usually a girl) who whores out their shoes. They have let so many people use their shoes that they aren't even sure how many they have been with. Usually not whored out for money, but traded for favors or other articles of clothing.
"I asked Monica if I could borrow her pair of purple heels but she was such a shoe pimp about it and I have to wash her car tomorrow"

"Kristyn was being a shoe pimp today, now I have her flats but she took my favorite sweater.
by LessOffensive October 09, 2009
The acne on the back of a persons neck, Neck + Acne = Nacne
I am failing math cause this dirty kid sitting in front of me has terrible nacne and I can't stop staring.
by LessOffensive February 11, 2010
Someone who is just absolutely terrible at wheeling, somehow they usually still get hot girls with just the worst pick-up lines and topics of conversation - 99.99 % of the time the girls they pick up are pants-on-head retarded though
Just listen to what Jordan is saying to Amanda, wtf .. his broken wheels make it such a painful conversation and I bet he is going to hookup with her at a party this weekend
by LessOffensive February 27, 2011

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