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The term cannonball was first used by Carl Kearney Spackler (Bill Murray) in the masterpiece film Caddyshack. To do a cannonball you must first fill your lungs with weed smoke, while holding the smoke in you drink liquor. Preferably Johnnie Black. And take big swig not a little pussy shot. Then exhale. Say "Cannonball" and pass the bong and Johnnie black to your boy n-word Drew and repeat until liquor is finished (nobone in their right mind would ever run out of weed.) The best time for cannonballs is wednesdays at 10:30 during the Chappelle show. The best mix for this is Johnnie Black and Sour Diesel from the wiseman, Veil.
After I Kobed her I took a few cannnballs.
by Lenox February 19, 2004
Cocaine in a can baby!
Cocaine is an incredible drug.
by lenox February 19, 2004
A fat kid in the show "Salute Your Shorts" on Nickelodeon, circa early 90s.
"Donkey Lips has remained a virgin for all of his life, because he is so fat and ugly." I said, laughing.
by lenox November 05, 2003
1.) Breasts that either look or move/behave strangely.

2.) The most-likely diseased owner of such breasts.
Hello, honkeytits.
by lenox January 20, 2004
1.) A diabolical homosexual clown who is always in search of big butts to fuck. He wears a veil and only half of his face is painted.

2.) someone displaying the properties of such a gay clown
Hankeyfag limped slowly, pondering where his next anal meal might come from.
by lenox January 20, 2004
An onomatopoeia for the quick outlet of fluids, usually from a penis.
It's really not up to me where I spleez; my crazy willy will do what he please!
by lenox June 24, 2005
The personification of elemental chaos.
"How long has it been since lenox last stopped by?"

"Dunno, son...I always hide in the basement when that sumbitch comes to town."

"You puss."
by lenox January 20, 2004
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