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when you strum on your dick so hard it explodes.
i saw this guy wailing on his dick so hard, it was like whannel hard.
by lemonboy October 02, 2006
1. when you're ricky, for the dot
2. lettering marking the place of some bum fun or a sacrificial slaughtering.
3. a graffiti-based tag made from a sticky, white substance that will remain unnamed.
4. a council estate calling used to stregthen the chav population
5. Ronald Mcdonald

Also known as: ricky 4 da dot, ricky from the dot, backalley troubles or nininitti.
BETH: are you ricky?
FRED: no, i'm ricky, ricky for the dot!
by lemonboy October 01, 2006
1. when you love it something to hard, you gotta bum it
2. when you love bummin so much, that your cock turns blue.
3. a mixture of sex and watercolour.
I love Lionel Blair, if i ever see him i am gonna bum it blue!!
by lemonboy October 03, 2006
someone with a really hairy face, like super hairy.
man i saw this guy with a mulletface, the hair was literally hanging of his chin.
by lemonboy October 03, 2006
the mating call of some cyber asian woman i met on the web.

I guess it's a mixture of McDonalds, a farmer, a penis and a Mr. Myagi.
If you touch my McWang again I am gonna get out my love pump and shove it in the disc drive!!!
by lemonboy October 03, 2006
when a guy shoves stuff down his bell end, until it is big enough to fit another man's cock down it. He would start off with smaller objects (like a nail or screwdriver) until he's ready for the big game.

cock pushing is wrong, just plain wrong, unless your drunk...then it's fun
by lemonboy September 30, 2006
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