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when two or more guys (or girls) get out their penises (hard or flaccid) and duel with them. This usually consists of the competitors smaking their knobs together - kinda like 'knuckles' - until one quits or submits.

HARDCORE GAMERS may involve household objects in their game, playing until blood is drawn.

Some items used are:

Barbed wire, paint thinner, lit matches and gasoline, sandpaper and lime, superglue and glass shards.
Man, me and Jim had a penis war last night...I bust him open pretty bad. He's gonna nedd stitches on his shaft.
by lemonboy September 30, 2006
a really, really small penis. so small it isn't allowed the s on the end.
John has got such a small peni, it looks like a baby squirrel!
by lemonboy October 02, 2006
when you get bummed so hard that you get diarrhea (lasting up to seven days +) and internal bleeding.

Note: do not confuse with Anal-I-Nation; a crazy porno that you're not allowed to see.
i was at a wild party last night, i recieved analisation, now i can't sit down.
by lemonboy October 01, 2006
1. a race around the world, while holding a large piece of poo.
2. a race where two people take a shit; the winner being the first to wipe their arse and reach the other.

Note: not to be confused with poo face (when you smear poo on your face for a pleasurable and/or cosmetic purpose).
TODD: Man, this piece of poo is stuck to my hand!
JOHN: Two of poo, one of me...i make that a poo race!
JOHN: ...I, uh...don't get out much...
by Lemonboy September 24, 2006
An ancient Africian voodoo belief:

when your penis detatches itself from the crotch, grows legs, and travels across Great Britain. This is usually done for breeding or monetary purposes.

Note: It will return within 6-12 months. If not, stick a stamped address envelope up your ass and you will grow a new one.

Also known as: Befriending Mr. Patel, stumpy joe,
ST. Petersburg bikeride, lumpy box-trot.
RUDDY: shit, my penis fell of!!
TOG: Don't worry baby, it's just murma!
RUDDY: Yippeee!!!!
by lemonboy October 01, 2006
The leader of a bummer gang. Will usually coordinate meetings, choose who gets a rogering and what clothes are fashionable.

He looks over and protects the other bummers, using sophistcated colloquialisms and bitch-slappin' to defend of enemies (usually big fat lesbos).

the bum chief is not to be confused with the bum chef, who cooks and prepares the bums before they are eaten.

Bum chiefs are known as 'la roi de bout' (butt king) in French and 'Brauner Lochmeister' (brown hole master) in German. There is no solid defintion in Italy as everyone is a bum chief.
TODD: I saw this guy in yellow speedo pummeling some other dude with a butt plug!?!
RUDDY: I thought you were gonna stop going to porn theatres!

the bum chief isn't here today, he's cleaning his sphincter as it is filled with jam
by lemonboy October 02, 2006
1. a bag to keep your mullet in
2. a bag full of mullets, ready for distribution to the masses.
3. a bag made out of mullet; very hairy to the touch
4. a mullet made of bag, so i guess that means cotton or polyester or something.
5. an old lady with a mullet.
6 a gigantic mullet, about 7ft x 100ft, carrying a very gnarly bag (or bagette).
i just saw a massive mulletbag holding a mulletbag. he met up with another mulletbag and they compared mulletbags before mulletfaced.
by lemonboy October 03, 2006

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