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Someone who's right on the cusp of sexual activity; derived from "verging" and "virgin." And yes, this is tongue-in-cheek.
Crystal was fixin' to have sex with Trevor, but I think she's still a vergin.
by Lemming November 13, 2003
1: news
2: a television station claiming to mean 'news'
"WBZ means 'news.'"
by lemming November 17, 2003
puke, barf, chuck, hurl, toss your cookies/lunch, up-chuck (similar to "chuck"), ralph, pray to the porcelain god,
Micheal ate bad lintels during lunch, so he is going to VOMIT in the trashcan.
by Lemming October 24, 2003
Being both geeky and awkward.
Being a n00b in the room made her feel gawkward.
by lemming August 23, 2004
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