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9 definitions by Leigh Kemp

Ethnic name for a penis
My Zob Is Big
by Leigh Kemp March 22, 2004
When you are sitting down and the fart goes up between your leg and your nut and tickles your leg.
I did one just then and I thought you should know about it
by Leigh Kemp March 21, 2004
Sperm, baby batter
I wonder if I have enough pecker snot for a foursome?
by Leigh Kemp March 28, 2004
A like a nipple cripple, but not on your nipple.
I hate nut crunchers
by Leigh Kemp March 28, 2004
When your penis can reach your ass and tow it along
I can tow, but I don't
by Leigh kemp March 24, 2004
The animal that flavours the womans vagina.
Damn woman, you smell like fish!!
by Leigh Kemp March 29, 2004
Sperm, where babies come from, pecker snot
I sprayed baby batter all over Beth
by Leigh Kemp March 28, 2004