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A gay that belongs to you.
Your gay is really gay.
by Lee Ji Hoon August 10, 2007
A person who's mom has got it going on. See also, Stacy's Mom.
Damn, that young kid over there is such a Stacy!
by Lee Ji Hoon November 30, 2007
To have sex with the mother of the person the phrase is aimed at.
Hey fag, last night I fucked you... IN THE MOM!

Wow girl, can I fuck you in the mom?
by Lee Ji Hoon April 02, 2008
A scientific instrument used to measure gaydiation from a source of gaydioactive material. This takes the form of alpha particles, beta particles, and gaymma rays.

Most often, the gaydioactivity is measured in Gays. A reading of above gayghty-gayght Gays is very very gay, and you should get the hell away from the source of it.

Also, if you emit gaydiaton, you're super gay plus one.
Dude, Krim sent my gayger counter off the scale!
by Lee Ji Hoon October 25, 2007
When you use a turd as a masturbation device. Specifically, you rub your penis back and forwards inside a piece of shit.

Alternatively, fucking a black girl (or guy, but only if you're the giver). This is a racist extention of the above definition.
Person 1: "I poowanked last night."
Person 2: "You took a dump and stuck your cock in it?"
Person 1: "Nah, I fucked a black girl."
by Lee Ji Hoon December 05, 2007
A type of confectionary which is black in colour and round. Some people like to suck on them, others prefer to lick them. They originate from Africa. Nowdays, due to the phobia of using the word "nigger", they're often known as blackballs.
And yes, this is true. There seriously is a confectionary called "niggerballs". Look it up.
by Lee Ji Hoon November 02, 2007
Having a penis so large, it makes your mom's penis look small.
Krim: "I had a gay fuck last night and, man, that guy was hung like your mom!"
by Lee Ji Hoon November 19, 2007
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