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a term that a person uses to question his motive on being in a specific place at a specific time
why am i here

i dont know
by Lee Holland September 17, 2003
a large number of peolpe or animals
there was a huge crowd at the pub last night
by Lee Holland September 14, 2003
a statement of agreement when u cant be arsed saying anythin else, also can be used as sarcasm
person: hello lee

Lee: why certainly dear
by Lee Holland September 20, 2003
a phrase that hungry children use when at there nans house and require cake
Say Grandma.....bake me a cake
by Lee Holland September 17, 2003
a word in wich one makes a suggestion to another where the receiver of the suggestion goes and makes a bean pie
hey brian, oojamaboobalag
ok bob, one bean pie comin riiiiiiite up
by Lee Holland September 17, 2003
a term that one uses to say that there father is in fact not a member of the clergy
my papa dont preach
by Lee Holland September 17, 2003

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