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Piece of cheesecake. Originates from Latin.
"This is one tasty scriblita!"
by Leb January 31, 2004
When a girls vagina hangs so low, do to TONS of sexual activity, she can sweep the street with it.
I hooked up with Janet last night, she was a total street sweeper
by LEB August 04, 2013
Noun- Something cute or admirable, usually white or silver in color.

Adj.- Cool, neat, special, unique.

Originated on Neopets.com.
"That's one fine white weewoo you have!"
by Leb January 31, 2004
Amazing or fantastic, special, very cool, or unexpected.
"Making up your own slang form of a language is chimerical."
by Leb January 31, 2004
An object of high value that everyone wants. Originally the term "MacGuffin" with the same meaning, used in literary plots.
Random person: "I love your car!"
Me: "I know, isn't it just a maguffin?"
by Leb January 31, 2004

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