5 definitions by Leb

Piece of cheesecake. Originates from Latin.
"This is one tasty scriblita!"
by Leb January 31, 2004
When a girls vagina hangs so low, do to TONS of sexual activity, she can sweep the street with it.
I hooked up with Janet last night, she was a total street sweeper
by LEB August 04, 2013
Amazing or fantastic, special, very cool, or unexpected.
"Making up your own slang form of a language is chimerical."
by Leb January 31, 2004
Noun- Something cute or admirable, usually white or silver in color.

Adj.- Cool, neat, special, unique.

Originated on Neopets.com.
"That's one fine white weewoo you have!"
by Leb January 31, 2004
An object of high value that everyone wants. Originally the term "MacGuffin" with the same meaning, used in literary plots.
Random person: "I love your car!"
Me: "I know, isn't it just a maguffin?"
by Leb January 31, 2004

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