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Plaid's are the name for the members of the Hot Hobo Love cult. The members of such cult were dubbed by their creator, mighty Tech, as “Plaids”, in honor of the shared Ralph Lauren green/navy plaid shirt said TomStud and HotBert wear, which became the icon of the hobolove relationship of said actors and triggered the entire creation of this cult. Most of the members of the Hot Hobo Love Club are also fans of the two main book franchises in the modern world ( Harry Potter and Twilight).

As part of the cult, being a Plaid involves daily rituals, such as reciting the “Plaid Pledge”, oath of allegiance to the world of Hoboness and bearded ways:

I pledge allegiance to the green plaid shirt
Of the united team of Hobo Love
And to the hobo sexyness for which their beards stand
One Sombrero-free Hobo Nation, under TomBert
Free of KStew/Bert shippers
With beards and hobo love for all

The green plaid shirt is considered by the supporters of Hot Hobo Love as a sacred emblem in the cult of the Plaids. The legend of the Green Plaid Shirt echoes from sensual times shared between HotBert and TomStud. After their scene of intimacy they dress in the dark and the one who dresses himself in the shirt will be the submissive at the next turn of Hot Hobo Love.
Some may say that since Kstew, the Plaids sworn enemy has sported a Green Plaid Shirt, it supports the chagrin against the shunned society, but truth be told, everyone wants to be a Plaid. Especially Kstew and her big ass Ba-Donk-A-Donk.
Many of the Plaid's have hobo names, such as Jacqui McPimpHo, Bus Stop Chrissy,
Ingrown Toenail Sally, Hungover Hetty, Booze Luva Bea, Necrophelia Dee, Loose Change Lura, Empteh Bucket o’ Chicken Joy, Fifth o’ Vodka Fran, Hot Grits Lucid, Shopping Cart Taylor and Guinness Grunge Grace.

Plaid's have many carols, songs and hobo stories to tell, each of which are pretty epic. They vary their infatuations between with HotBert's hands, TomBert's bromance, TomStud's inconspicuous love affair with Touj0ursPur and the relationship between all of them and TomBert. There is a section of three special Plaid's, known as “The Holy Trinity”. The Holy Trinity are the most hobo-esque Plaids since the creation of TomBert. The Holy Trinity consists of Tech, the nation's founder, and wife of many a hobo. Nicole, parody maker and HotBert impersonator extraordinaire. And Lolly. The Plaid's resident information box with a creative mind that matches the Queen.

Apart from Kstew, Plaid's other enemies are “Brutal” Twilight fans, who claim to be srs bsns or “#1 Twihards” who attack the god of HoboLove himself, Mexican Mariachi Sombreros being their weapon of choice. According to HotBert, these Twihards “iz just chagrin”, and his other half, TomStud has been quoted saying that Plaids “dazzle”.
To become a member of Hot Hobo Love, the almighty Tech must approve of you. Which is very rare. This has become a very exclusive society and it is now considered an honor in the fandom world to be part of the Plaids.
Plaid- Stfu, you don't even know. And his sex hair is epic, just like TomStud.
by LeaveBritneyAloneSrsBsns November 09, 2008

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