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The new term for getting 2nd in a poker tournament
Player 1: Did you ship that tourney?
Player 2: Nah i marcWon it
by leash January 27, 2013
A form of verbal bullying on the rails of a poker table when you beat somebody while holding a worse starting hand.

To 'Shakalak' someone is one of the best feelings in poker.
Scenario: Player 1 gives Player 2 a badbeat with JJ vs KK

Player 2: Hey man thats not cool
Player 1: You just got shakalak'ed son
Player 3: Wow did you see player 1 SHAKALAKING player 2
by leash May 25, 2013
Felch whore
see felch
Man that kap, i'd felch him
by Leash May 15, 2004
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