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Writing in 'Chav Speech' was actually invented for keyboards and typewriters as a means for taking quicker, easier and effective minutes in a meeting. - Original source: Mr J Swift.
Below is a perfect example of writing 'chav speech'.

if i reli wanted 2 talk proper on ere rite i wud cud but i dont wanna. it fairly obvious tat i can cos gd uni's dnt accpet thicko's. and puttin dear phil, well, just 2 inform u my dear sarcasm is the lowest form of wit and my education is seperate from my social life cos i consider it 2 be quite stuck up thinkin ur above sum1 just cos u speak proper. i have brains love i just exercise it as was n wen i need 2. oh n ur just as phsychic as me, sayin i can only talk in text speak, wen i can actually rite proper, liek i sed.
by LearnSomethingNew November 12, 2008

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