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adjective specifying the nature of a location as being physical, as opposed to an online location of the same name. abbr. as "B&M"
The Best Buy site says that game on sale is sold out, but im going to head over to a B&M one anyway to see if theyve got any left in the back.
by Legacy October 17, 2003
Two rectangular, dark circumferences across the head of a woman. Usually painted on and slowly fade over a 6 week period. HD stands for 'high definition', thus allowing the improper fakeness of the eyebrow to really stand out.
HD Brows were born in Essex and have quickly spread all over the UK.
by LeGacy February 06, 2012
Someone who spends a hell of a lot of time on irc. Often seen trying to study.
oh look, its snoepie!
by Legacy August 20, 2003
The Projects
You'll hardly ever catch tha kid parkin in tha P's, cuz tha system in tha CL make it shake like it got parkinson's disease-Fabo
by Legacy December 15, 2003
When you notice your car is swerving and you pull quickly back into your lane.
Damn dawg lucky you junged you'da been dead.
by Legacy May 29, 2003
Severely schooled. Past tense of "pwn". (I disagree with the pronunciation, it should be "own't". The P (being next to the O on a keyboard) is an intentional typo. It's not supposed to be said aloud, thats just incredibly stupid.
"he got pwnt!"
by Legacy July 11, 2003
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