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4 definitions by LeBonier

Ok first off, I've seen this as dog in the bathtub on this site and it is wrong. Dogs love water, cats hate water. Which is why when you are fucking a girl in the ass and manage to get your nuts up in her too it is called cat in the bathtub. Have you ever tried to keep a cat in a bathtub? It is about as tough as getting both nuts up a girls ass.
I was fucking me Julie in the ass last night and I stuffed my nuts in her ass too. Man, she thrashed around like a cat in a bathtub!
by Lebonier March 30, 2005
Someone who Yeah Dudes on a regular basis. Also the full name for a duder.
"So, did you talk to Pete?"
"Yeah, that yeah duder tried to tell me that his hot friends had car trouble and that's why they weren't at the party."
"Yeah dude!"
by LeBonier January 12, 2005
Any worthless person with a total lack of consideration for others. They include homeless people, ultra-hippie tree huggers, ultra-religious extremists, stupid people, cyclists who attack cars, car drivers who ignore cyclists, a self-entitled child, a self-entitled child's parent who caused his or her precious little snowflake to act like an ass, others like them.
"Could you turn off your cell phone and wireless router? They give me headaches."

"No they don't, what are you talking about?"

"If you don't turn them off, I'll sue you!"

"Fucking rock stacker..."
by LeBonier March 31, 2010
An acknowledgement that shows you know someone is telling a lie. Also sometimes used inadvertantly by the liar in the process of lying. First used in this manner by a York High School heavyweight notorious for his fabulously fabricated stories about what he did that weekend.
"She had the hottest friend and the three of us got it on!"
"Yeah dude, it was awesome!"
"Yeah dude."
"No really, it totally happened!"
"Yeah dude, I totally believe you!"
by LeBonier January 12, 2005