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2 definitions by LayeredSin

A disposable adult diaper worn to raves. The diaper allows a party-goer to urinate or defecate without going to a bathroom.
After consuming 12 beers at the all-night rave, Jamie soiled his Party Depends but didn't lose his spot on the dance floor.
by LayeredSin January 28, 2009
A scrabble player that cheats by using a dictionary or word guide to search for words to fit the tiles while an on-line game is in progress.
Linda: Once again Betsy beat me playing Words With Friends on the iPhone. I think she cheated.
Mary: Why do you think that?
Linda: She got the word OXAZEPAM.
Mary: I didn't even know that was a word.
Linda: Yeah, will now I know she's a total bitchionary.
by LayeredSin January 30, 2010