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Any decent fighter has a great finishing move. Don't hesitate to adopt the Flying Burrito. Take a running start at a dazed or drunken opponent, and leap with arms stretched over your head, turning your body so that you fly parallel to the ground. Crush your opponent.
Chuck Norris: "There is no defense for the Flying Burrito."
by Lawgina February 21, 2006
Perhaps the most humiliating of all the finishing moves, the Hundred Dollar Bill leaves opponents frozen with fear and shame. Approach the opponent from behind, reach out and grab them over the left shoulder (if you are right handed)with the left arm, and grasp them by the junk with the other hand, in body slam position. Lift and drop/suplex your opponent.
You want a Hundred Dollar Bill?
by Lawgina February 21, 2006
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