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2 definitions by LavenderRox

The principle that a direct correlation exists between a person's kissing ability and sexual ability. E.g., the better a kisser someone is, the better a lover he or she will be.
I knew he'd be good in bed because he's such a great kisser, the Kissing-Sex Corollary must be true!
by LavenderRox January 27, 2010
Flirting between two people of the same gender, one or both of whom may be straight and who are not actually attracted to each other. More common among females, but used humorously by males. From the words "gay" and "flirting".
Dude A: Matt, I know what you like!
Dude B: Bro, are you glirting with me again?
by LavenderRox January 27, 2010