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4 definitions by LavanderGoons

A nice ass on a hot woman with small breasts. It's God's way of saying sorry for a lack of a rack.
"Dude check out this hot chick"
"She doesn't have nice tits"
"When she walks by we'll see if she has God's apology"
by LavanderGoons August 08, 2009
6 0
After getting dominated in a video game, for instance if you lost 50 to 0 in a halo one on one match, you have been virtually raped.
(After getting a close range shotgun Bultrue)
"Dude i just raped you! That was a virtual rape!"

(You can also get fancy with it)
"I just raped you so hard i went back in time and knocked up your mom, how do you like that son?"
by LavanderGoons August 08, 2009
3 0
The worst word in the English language according to Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter
"God there isn't even a word to describe how big of an ass your being"

"Yes there is, motherfuckniggercuntnaziunicorn"
by LavanderGoons August 08, 2009
12 12
When a girl's pubes are in the shape of a trianlge with the point faced at the gooch.
"My girl was rockin a burmuda triangle last night."
by LavanderGoons May 13, 2009
2 9