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Pseudo-intellectuals who try to make you feel uncool.
The JT Leroy book signing in SoHo last night was crawling with condescenti. I nearly barfed.
by Lauri January 30, 2005
Noun. Synonym for cell phone. The address book component of your cell phone serves as an excellent receptable for simple ideas worthy of spreading around.
"Baile funk birthday party? Great idea. Let me just put that into my meme collector."
by Lauri January 30, 2005
To have a brain fart, do something utterly stupid. Almost considered a *blonde moment*, for those non-blondies.

(Really means Stupid Lauri)
Lost my mind again, along with my keys...i'm such a STUPID LETTUCE.

(Hand Gesture can be included for FULL effect.) I jest...
by Lauri October 30, 2003

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