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4 definitions by Laurel Chaisson

(verb) to be a Roxas, Roxas-ing it up, pulling a Roxas; to wear a black cloak like the character Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II.
"OH MY GAWD, he's doing a Roxas!"
by Laurel Chaisson June 22, 2006
to sound the lame-alarm is to alert those around you of something lame happening at that moment, especially in the case of bad jokes/puns. Usually said so it sounds like a foghorn.
"This is so... punny!!!"
"omg, lame-alarm!"
by Laurel Chaisson June 22, 2006
when someone suffers a sudden, violent mental breakdown (often including flailing of the arms, incoherent babbling and/or screaming, and foaming from the mouth)
"Oh noes! He's gone Dib-crazy!"
by Laurel Chaisson June 22, 2006
to attempt to do something mysteriously but fail or give up due to laziness. (originates from a Mary Sue n00b mispelling in an rpg)
"I am from a planet far, far away," Mary Sue said enigmalazily.

Not describing your character for plot purposes is enigmalazy.
by Laurel Chaisson June 22, 2006