11 definitions by Laur

To have a fit; to freak out
My parents cronked when they found out I'd been out until 4 AM.
by Laur June 24, 2003
Spacey; out-of-it; removed from one's surroundings.
"Ugh, that Vicodin made me really zoomy."
by Laur June 22, 2003
In short, to fuck
Your Peruvian whore of a mother thinks Daddy's diddling the maid.

Cf. the movie "Cruel Intentions"
by Laur June 24, 2003
A situation which theoretically should not be able to exist but in reality does; a self-contradiction.
You have to have a permit to drive a car, but you can't get a permit until you've driven a car--that's a paradox.
by Laur June 22, 2003

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