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A derogatory term meaning:
1. When a dude lets others humiliate him without reprisal.
2. When a man allows someone to take his dignity (especially a woman).
3. When a man just gives up, or doesn't try anymore.
4. When a man loses everything in a divorce.
1. He just let them threat him like that, and just stood there and took it. He sure lost his balls.
2. Man, he sure lost his balls. His woman doesn't let him make any decisions. She's running the place.
3. He just dropped the bat in the middle of the game and quit for good. He really lost his balls.
4. She took him for everything. He even lost his balls.
by LaughinJack July 11, 2011
What is said to a guy who allows his pride to be taken from him chronically, often by a woman

Said to a wimp to encourage him to regain his dignity.
Man, you need to go get your balls back from her. You're being made to look like a fool!

Barak, go get your balls back from Michelle.
by LaughinJack July 11, 2011

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