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the civil rights leader

martin luther king jr
martin luther king helped black people be what they are today.
by Latasha March 26, 2005
when a girl is horny and leaks vaginal fluid
she leaking she soakig wet
she so horny she leaking
by latasha June 26, 2004
a boy thats has a long dick
that boy dick so long it look like he got 3 legs
by Latasha June 26, 2004
1)a male that everyone can get a ride on (male version of a knob "every1 has a turn")
2)a form of public transportation
1) that boy a bus
2)i have to take the bus to school
by Latasha June 30, 2003
south west atlanta
im jus chillin at5 da swat
by latasha June 26, 2004

definition : "you aint be and bad"
you aint tuff so get outof my face
by Latasha March 25, 2005

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