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n. - A person largley involved with illegal activity, such as hired hits, extortion, shakedowns, loansharking, and in some cases prostitution.

Gangsters are generally very discreet about who they are, thusly exempting 50 cent, Ludacris, Nelly, Ja Rule, Chingy, and any other person who claims to be an "iced out gangsta" and expelling them from the definition of gangster.

True gangsters are respectful towards people generally, until you cross them, and not one of those "bust a cap in yo ass becuz u look at me rong" wannabes.
---True Gangster Dialogue---

Lasky: So Kris, feel like helping me get rid of a body tonight?

Kris: Just shove them in your trunk, it doesn't have a pullcord.

Lasky: Touche, salesman.

---Wannabe Gangster Dialogue---
James: Yo man wanna come smoke some of dat good shiz-nit with me tonight? We can get crunk and fuck some hot ass hos.
by Lasky February 14, 2007

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