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Fuckism is a cult/religion.

This will change the usual day at school all maths lessons will be removed from the day and replaced with sex.

Names will be drawn from a hat at the start of the sex and you will be paired up with some one.

There is a hitler figure called shitler who kills anyone with assholes you will have to sew up your arse.
I enjoyed my daily fuckism course.
by larry the turtle December 08, 2009
Something that is so amazingly wonderful (a feeling or sight) that is so incredibly wonderful it liquifies into liquid wonderment.

(Verb) Liquid wondermenting
(Past tense) Liquid Wondermented
(Present tense) Liquid Wondermentation
Liquid Wonderment (Orgasm)
by Larry the turtle December 08, 2009
A word meaning great or fantastic but attached to a sexual comment
That night was scrotacular
by Larry the turtle December 08, 2009
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