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v. Twatwaffling requires the loose labia typically found on older women or ones who have given birth vaginally. The act of twatwaffling requires the waffler to straddle the face of the wafflee, and thrust about in such a way that the wafflee gets slapped by the dangling bits of female flesh.

The female equivalent of teabagging. Can be threatened or simulated by women with smaller labia, often as a joke or prank.
I'll nuke you from orbit and twatwaffle the corpse.

First to pass out at the slumber party gets twatwaffled.

Keep talking like that, and I'll be twatwaffling you when we get home.
by Larayne March 19, 2014
(n) An insult, particularly in reference to an annoying small child, but also used as a pejorative for anyone you dislike.
The term is derived from the concept that the pain of giving birth is like trying to pass a watermelon out one's anus.
Stop being an ass melon.
Look at the little ass melons running through the store.
Why do you have to be such an ass melon?
by Larayne November 19, 2013
A woman who is often seen as a heinous bitch by others; however that is usually because she's right and they are wrong yet unwilling to admit it.
Watch out for that Miss Lucifer; she'll bite your head off and have your nuts for dessert.
by Larayne August 05, 2005

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