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when a guy has to shit and piss at the same time so he sits down and after pissing, he realizes that he doesn't have to shit anymore then he feels like a pussy because he sat down to take a piss
i felt like such a pussy after that last puss piss so from now on i will piss standing up before i take a dump...even if it means shitting in my pants.
by Landwarf September 01, 2010
Justin Beiber after he hits puberty so when he sings in his really high voice he will get lots of embarrassing voice cracks and since nobody wants to listen to anybody's voice crack, talentless Justin Beiber will soon be forgotten and lose all of his money. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Guy 1: Look! here's a flyer for the forgotten Beiber's new concert. it says here that it is to raise money for deaf people.
Guy 2: i guess the deaf people are the only people that would go to the concert, too
Both: poor forgotten Beiber
by Landwarf September 01, 2010
noun: a wet, dirty towel; usually ridden with semen and/or vaginal discharge stains; mostly used to clean up after sexual intercourse or masturbation
verb: the act of masturbating on a towel and wringing it out in somebody's mouth
by Landwarf August 30, 2010

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