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A relatively small device that allows a consumer to convert their CD collection into MP3 format and download their music collection for portable listening pleasure. It costs a lot of dough (buy a Rio or whatever if you’re still mad at the price) because of the exceptional audio sound of not only the device itself, but the home, office, and car accessories it has. If you travel, have a very large music collection, or desire to utilize all of your friends’ and relatives’ music collections, then you should probably invest in an ipod. ipod’s are God’s gift to mankind.
person one: Well, off to work, I'd better make sure my ipod's charged up.

person two: ipods are dumb and expensive.

person one: Oh, what kind of ipod do you have?

Person two: I don't have an ipod, I just like to bitch about things that aren't directly related to me.
by Land-0 February 03, 2006

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