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A prostitute who will have sex for $5. Taken from Pizza Hut's irritating "5 bucks" ad campaign.
You'll find a lot of Pizza Hut Specials in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, but it's better to spend a little more money for something you'll want to eat.
by Lancet March 30, 2005
(Noun) A low-ranking, white collar robot, usually a bureaucrat, whose existence is acknowledged only by the sound of his/her footsteps to/from their desk.
In the latest round of cutbacks, 300 office shoes beat a path to the welfare line.
by Lancet March 30, 2005
the action of looking busy, when in fact, just sodomizing the dog
Mitchell's a highly slactive office shoe--look at what that BM hasn't done today
by Lancet March 30, 2005
someone who seeks medication from doctors and/or illicit drug dealers
that's one satisfied client strung out behind the dumpster
by Lancet March 30, 2005
1. (noun) a male homosexual bottom who seeks out and engages in anonymous sex

2. (verb) anonymous male homesexual intercourse
I thought David wanted to go out with those guys he met at the bar. It turns out he just wanted to glory hole, cuz he gave them 555's.
by Lancet March 30, 2005
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