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A man who is great at chess, and a master thinker.
Check mate! For the the 15th time!
by Lancer November 26, 2004
Seen on the sign of foreign pharmacies. No they don't speak english for the most part, so they will try to sell you COTTON istead of CONDOMS!
Why the hell can't I find an american speaking pharmacy in N.Y.??? Just these damn ANTEKA joints.
by Lancer September 14, 2003
Vizual - Picture or image
You look good, nice vizual baby!
by Lancer November 26, 2002
Those glazed honey-buns that are sold in snack vending machines. Called so because of the glaze that covers it looks like cum.
Can I have 25 cents to go buy a cumbiscuit? I'm starved.
by Lancer December 29, 2004
A dutch person's nickname, pronounced "El eye geo".
Eligio is a 1337 space-fighting kung-fu lizard.

3L1G10 15 T3|-| 1337357 L1ZZ4RD 1N T3|-| W0R1D!1
by Lancer July 26, 2004

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