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While behind someone inserting your index finger into thier mouth and pulling back towards the back of thier head therefore catching them like a fish on a hook. The sexual refrences above are foreign to me. To my knowledge no one has ever caught a fish with a hook to the ass.
Amongst other things the fishhook is illegal in the U.F.C. because it is so brutally painfull.

I gave Kano a fishhook so hard it ripped the corner of his mouth.
by Lancelot87 April 27, 2006
1. Whilst doing someone from behind one must insert both index fingers into the rectum of thier partner and immediately transfer those fingers into the mouth of thier partner. This creating a stinky double fishhook or Stink Fang
Laura is a dumb bitch, so the last time we were fucking I gave her the Stink Fang. Now laura is just dumb.
by Lancelot87 March 30, 2006

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