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An all female party.
Laura: Hey, how did last night go?
Hannah: Oh, it was a total Georgia O'Keeffe party.
Stacey: What's that mean?
Laura: It's the opposite of a sausage fest.
Hannah: Totally lame.
by Lala3000 April 03, 2009
An exaggerated version of jk-ing, sometimes followed by "in my pants."
Laura: Do you have any news?
Stacey: No... oh wait, I'm pregnant.
Laura: What??
Stacey: Jklmnop-ing!
by lala3000 January 24, 2011
what you want to assure someone you are telling them the truth.
Hannah: Did you really just punch Stacey in the face after she got back from the get run?
Laura: Yeah, she bled for 3 hours. ihearttruthdotcom.
Hannah: oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
by Lala3000 March 26, 2009

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