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4 definitions by Lagsy

A leet gamer who will pwn the shit out of you with the power of lag.
man i was laging like shit and lagsy pwned my ass bad
by Lagsy March 23, 2005
childish dolt who makes up lies and bulls claims that can not be backed up
man that DJairwolf dolt claimed to have pwned some leet guys the other day.
by Lagsy March 23, 2005
A little purple lepracaun who will steal you stash when your not looking.
man that gay little Brazeau stole my ounce little bish.
by Lagsy March 17, 2005
An uberdolterious fool who needs a new homworld CD.
that stribble kid needs to get a homeworld CD.
by Lagsy March 15, 2005