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10 definitions by Lady Alzers

An insult used among those who have true taste in music. Basically means "poseur".
Don't be such an Avril Lavigne!
by Lady Alzers February 10, 2011
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Quite possibly the dumbest website ever. The editors over there think they're cool because they hate everything, when really, they're just pissed cause they got kicked off of /b/. Is never taken seriously, and is mocked by the people who read it. Unfortunately, the writers take it VERY seriously, and it's SERIOUS BUSINESS if you dare insult them.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is for the very people they claim to hate: thirteen year old boys.

How do you get kicked off of /b/? Seriously?
by Lady Alzers March 26, 2011
25 6
It's like regular dyslexia except when you type.
Me: I dsilike that.

I have a severe case of Keyboard Dyslexia.
by Lady Alzers January 26, 2011
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One who attempts to hijack a game by creating seemingly canon information for it without consent from the author of said game.
Followers of Jadusable's ARG mostly see MHFTT on YouTube as a gamejacker.
by Lady Alzers June 19, 2011
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When you're learning a new song on your flute, and you try it out, only to have your fingers spazz out, resulting in an ugly sound. Also any time your flute makes a high-pitched, out of tune sound when playing normally.
We were playing Sea of Tranquility in Band the other day, and I had flute vomit all over the place.
by Lady Alzers January 26, 2011
7 1
What Tea Gardner routinely gives in Yu-Gi-Oh!.
"I surrender. My breasts can't withstand another Friendship Speech."- Mai Valentine, Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series
by Lady Alzers August 01, 2011
5 1
When you haven't signed into your YouTube account for at such a long time, all your subscribers realize you will never come back seeing as you found a Real Life.
Valegard, the maker of Zelda Madness, is YouTube Dead.
by Lady Alzers October 23, 2010
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