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Mobbing is a term used to describe group bullying in which one or more employees covertly attack another. Mobbing and bullying consist of psychological and emotional terrorism in which the target or victim is driven into a helpless position. One person—the victim--becomes the focus of scapegoating, rumor, and innuendo. The victim is badgered, intimidated, and humiliated. This occurs through persistent, targeted, hostile behavior (verbal and nonverbal) designed to undermine the integrity of the victim. Deprecating rumors are created. The goal is to ostracize, isolate, and eliminate the victim. Offenders participate in character assassination, humiliation, and disruption.
After being victimized at work by mobbing, she left work and went into a deep depression.
by Lacey Sloan September 13, 2007
Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics (C.O.Y.O.T.E.), a sex workers' rights organization. Originated in San Francisco in the 1970's. Has led the fight to decriminalize prostitution around the world. Chapters still exits across the U.S.
C.O.Y.O.T.E. supports the rights of people to engage in prostitution without being arrested or stigmatized.
by Lacey Sloan September 13, 2007
An Arabian horse in which all lines in the bloodline can be traced back directly to desert bred horses of the Bedouin tribes of Egypt. The oldest and purest breed of horse in the world. It is said that only 7000 Egyptian Arabians horses exist in the world today.
The Egyptian Arabian horse is a beautiful and loyal animal that used to live in the tents with their Bedouin owners.
by Lacey Sloan September 13, 2007
A wolf bred with a dog resulting in an animal commonly referred to as a wolf hybrid. Two wolf hybrids can also produce offspring referred to as wolf hybrids.
The wolf hybrid lived in two worlds--that of wild wolf and domesticated dog.
by Lacey Sloan September 13, 2007
A four wheeled vehicle ridden by bullies who think they have the right to ride wherever they want, trespass, and assault anyone and anything that gets in their way. Used by assholes to destroy private property, private roads, and the environment. Supported by most states because they make money off of registration and of course, the states don't really care about protecting the environment, but they will take your money for "conservation" so they can give more grants to ATV clubs to build more trails.
The wardens refuse to enforce the ATV laws to protect landowners from trespassing ATVs.
by Lacey Sloan September 13, 2007

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