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An individual whose sole reason for visiting Cuba is to experience life on this lovely island while Fidel Castro is still in power.
Did you hear how much my cousin paid to visit Cuba?

I know... I know... that freakin' Castronaut still owes me 40 bucks. He tried to pay me with some shit-stained Cohibas!

He probably smuggled them in his poop shoot.

Wouldn't be the first time.
by LaRobaNacas January 20, 2008
The act of masturbation. (male)
Get out of the freakin' bathroom! What are you doing in there, Launching the Hand Shuttle?
by LaRobaNacas March 30, 2008
An electronic device such as an Ipod or cell phone that helps adolescents calm themselves and stop their whining.
Mr. Curtis asked the student to put away his electronic pacifier and focus on the lesson.
by LaRobaNacas February 17, 2008
(Spanish) A hyperactive person.
Mike esta moviendo por todos lados... parece tocotin.

Mike had a little too much caffeine this morning, he's acting like a tocotin.
by LaRobaNacas January 20, 2008

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