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Someone whom you could give the best Caviar in a 18 carot bowl with the finest champagne from the Champane region in France in leaded cystal with a plater of fillet mignon on fine china served up on a silver platter and the bastard would still complain.
Waldo here just showed up from somewhere nobody ever heard of and he's out of gas,beer,smokes money so I fed him what I thought would please him and gave him a $20 bill he still made like a Comment Tator and complained like it's not good enough for him.
by LaNerd April 20, 2011
A drunk hillbilly who points out the most obvious things to persons who would rather wring his scrawny chicken neck then listen to his asinine comments about their day that has nothing to do with the Goober faced retarded redneck.
Goober says,"Sir your tire is flat". No kidding Goober you is that why I'm halfway in traffic fixing it? You should get a Job with Lars Larson being a Comment Tator. Why you would fit right in with that gang of Goons. They all as plain and tasteless a a potato burrito from Taco Bell TOO!
by LaNerd April 19, 2011
A "Butt Bullet" , that would be a penis or a dildo/vibrator that goes in the butthole.
That horny bottom boy on Craigslist is begging for a Butt Bullet to make the bad go away for the evening
by LaNerd April 19, 2011
Bucktooth,hair lip,mush mouth,cross eyed, cauliflower eared,paranoid schizophrenic who suffers from dyslexia and was born with downs syndrom and has to wear 2 hearing aids.
Jimmy! Now all you have to do is put the blue paper in the white envelope, make a neat stack of them and most importantly of all don't hit Ms. Penny sitting next to you because you are mad at her because she has your pretty checkerboard Hillbilly tablecloth on for a shawl.
by LaNerd April 19, 2011
Lives on a hillside. As stubborn and rude as a Nubian buck when his does are in heat.Always yelling at folks about Jesus but gets his/her info about Christianity from watching TV preachers when he/she is spun out on Meth at all night drug taking parties.
He/she plays porn 24/7 drinks Coors light silver bullets by the half case smokes Marlboro's all day. Siphons gas out of the neighbors car when the poor guy is too tired to get out of bed. Has Army Navy Marines stickers on his Jalopy that he/she bought at the Army navy surplus yet was never in the Army Navy or Marine. Probably can't find anymore veins to shoot dope in so has his/her pal shoot dope in the veins in the neck. Goes to 12 step meetings claiming 20 years sobriety but just slammed a pint of Vodka and washed in down with half a bottle of Scope mouthwash before the meeting. Etc.

Nickname like Papa Smurf.
Big blond Chuck thinks That Paul Newman should be in chrge of the homeless persons,sounds like that Hillbilly up on the mountain has been in their backyard science lab again making Meth amongst other things as they are obviously hallucinating from lack of sleep.
by LaNerd April 19, 2011

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