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A beautiful young girl, usually pinned as an outcast because she lives contrary to popular beliefs. One who struggles with an eternal fight daily, but enjoys the war. Who has a promising future ahead of her. ; Unique female ; A female with that *IT* factor, she just has something no one can put their finger on.
The girl walked passed me with such a stunning ambiance, she walked with a certain regal manner, and I could tell she has extreme respect for herself.
Me: Excuse me miss? She turned.
Girl: Yes
Me: Sorry to bother you but I noticed you walking pass and I had to ask you . . what is your name?
Girl: Oh me my name is LaShonda.
No other name could sound so sweet.


Guy1:hey Jack, you see that girl she is so stunning?!
Guy2: Oh yeah I definitely see that LaShonda over there! Wow she is so uniquely, beautiful and mysterious.
by LSMickens February 01, 2009
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