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(n). 1. One of the Three that I stare at daily. Often very friendly and willing to interrupt any conversation with irrelivant talk of nonesense that I filter into "DIRKA DIRKA DIRK." The term Stinky comes from their lack of a "speed stick" and their refusal to buy one. Generally i would love to pee on a Stinky Paki.
1." Omg why does the Stinky Paki have to sit right in front of the Classroom door?"
by LS returns(tiny) January 11, 2009
(v). 1. The act stepping out of a reall hot bath or shower then lowering your warm soupy ball sack into your sleeping girlfriends mouth, spitting on her forehead and yelling surprise when she wakes up gagging on your sack.
1."Hino, I may have been dreaming but i think your brother gave me a Soupy Sack Surprise last night."

2."Wake up bitch its a Soupy Sack Surprise."
by LS returns(tiny) January 11, 2009
(n) 1. the chunky substance that is made when you fuck a girl while she is on the rag, without a condom, and you cum inside her. When you pull out the chunky substance that drips from her pussy is Cum Chili.
1. "Wow Becca that is some thick Cum Chili comming out of you, it must be a heavy flow day!"
by LS returns(tiny) January 10, 2009
(n). 1.This is a female who cannot stick to whoring on just a few cocks but goes all out and puts out adds on TV for free rim jobs.

2.All three of you reading this Hinojosa, Shupe, Hammond and Chaffin. Look at me and know that my penis is far superior to yours you sluty cock whores
1. "God Damn Borums mom was such a sluty cock whore i heard that thirty two people were at her house last night getting dome."
by LS returns(tiny) January 11, 2009
(n). 1. The often small but potent, oily like fart that you pass durring an intense orgasm.
1. "Austin, your Cum Gas smells so nasty, if that wasnt the best fuck i've ever had, i would punch you in the face."
by LS returns(tiny) January 10, 2009
(v). 1. When you get oral sex from someone whos such a jew that they never let you bust a nut, thus getting jewed out of an orgasm.
1. "you fucking bitch! how could you Jew-Job me like that... now i have blue-balls!"

2. "I love giving Jew-Jobs to guys right before i break up with them!"
by LS returns(tiny) January 10, 2009
(n). 1.A penis that has tounges on it so often it is referred to as a LolliCock.

2. The Stage name of Adult film actor A.J. "LolliCock" Olivo
1. "Omg dude i got so much dome last night my dick was a lollicock."

2. "Yea I'ma freak that bitch out with this lollicock." - AJ. Olivo from "TSC school house sex 4"
by LS returns(tiny) January 11, 2009

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