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What we all here grew up on and now must make fun of to prove our manliness. By doing this we basically are as immature as 10-year old little boys.
Lol barney is eveil kay guys.
by LRS November 18, 2007
The little voice in the back of your head that tells you somebody is watching.
Little Billy decided not to stroke his cash and prizes that night because, according to his conscience, Mommy was peeking in through the door.
by LRS February 21, 2007
Microsoft getting it right for once.
Brown is the new black. Zune just happened to kick the iPod's pasty white ass.
by LRS November 26, 2006
The person whom's name should be Sodamn insane.
Fucking Iraqi dictator decided to fuck Hitler last night.
by LRS March 19, 2004
One of the most powerful and popular open-source database software there is. Stands for My Sequel
My website uses Mysql yay.
by LRS May 16, 2004
Your penis, dick, genitals; the scrotum; a Johnson; your special place, as House would call it.
Curtis got mad big swagger son.
by LRS May 25, 2007

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