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9 definitions by LOVE

An ugly fuck who doesnt know how to sing at all and sounds like a cat getting hit by a tractor. Also is notorious for being a ho and doing the ho-down. Is the most untalented retard in the United States, and got booed by 72,000+ people at the orange bowl half time.
"pretty pink circle's fault?"
by love January 12, 2005
1012 246
A high degree of activity caused by some controversy in a group of people. Can refer to social, political or physical activity related to the controversy.

A brouhaha is larger than a kerfuffle.
They got into a fight at the pub arguing over that last goal. It turned into a real brouhaha.

The issue is causing quite a brouhaha on Parliament hill.
by Love February 10, 2005
108 21
<Koochy> Hi ^_^
<Junior> Sex Me NOW ~
by Love August 11, 2003
28 21
faecal matter in one of its more fluid states, such as diarrhoea
her sheets were covered in bumsauce
by Love February 09, 2005
8 3
see definition for Allyssa
She is so charismatical.
by LOVE February 04, 2005
3 4
something that isn't socially or emotionally correct. Something that doesn't look or isn't right.
When a short annoying "little" man is going out with a tall beautiful girl, double his height
by LOVE July 15, 2003
0 1
this means some fine as bitch got a phat ass!
"damn! that bithc got a badunkadunk"-1st guy
"hell yah nigga, she got a fat ass"
by Love May 04, 2004
31 37