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~@~ an image used on gmail to represent shit or poop, with flies flying around it.
Boy 1: Good morning!

Boy 2: You look like ~@~

Boy 1: Really? I didn't know flies loved me so much!

Boy 2: Bastard...
by LOLSPAZZ1 January 09, 2010
Last Comment. Used on chat for websites....
Person 1: hey i g2g!
Person 2: kk bye!
Person 1: k bye! lc
by LOLSPAZZ1 March 18, 2010
A combination of a poke, hug, and cuddle, all at the same time, :D. A way of showing affection to your girl friend or boy friend.... Or to your Mom if you're 20+ years old and have no life ;D.
Love_bird 1: I love you sooo much :D.
Love_bird 2: *puggles*
Love_bird 1: *puggles back*
Love_bird 2: <3
by LOLSPAZZ1 April 11, 2010
BEST COUNTY EVER :D. Well, one of the best because the people, teachers, and everyone is generally nice. Pretty well-off county, and holidays are quite frequent :).
Person 1: Where do you live?
Person 2: Fairfax County, I go to Fairfax County Public Schools too.
Person 1: Niiice at least you get a good education =/.
Person 2: Yeah, Loudon County sucks balls.
by LOLSPAZZ1 March 27, 2011
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