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When someone is required to make an important decision or they are interested in someone's opinion on a matter, they will often ask the question "Hey Buddy (insert object here) Yay or Nay?" The answer "Yay" would imply that the person fully supports the cause, while a simple "Nay" would do just the opposite.

Rhyming Alternatives to Yay and Nay:
Gay! - Used when the object or the person asking the question is quite homosexual.
Bay! - Used when near a harbor.
Hay! - Used when you're really in that "LAWL HORSES" mood. Gotta love horses.
K. - Used when you're really not interested in the question.
Guy 1: Boobs, Yay or Nay?
Guy 2: YAY!

Guy 1: Ann Coulter, Yay or Nay!?

Guy 1: Getting blown by babes ten times in the last four days, Yay or Nay?
Guy 2: Gay.
Guy 1: WHAT!?
Guy 2: Seriously, faggot, get out of my sight.
by LOL POSSUMS October 12, 2007
Short for "Just kidding. I love you." Under normal circumstances, a quick JK ILY will alleviate any negativity in something you previously said, and it slips off the tongue well.

It should be noted that a constant no homo enshrouds a JK ILY, unless specifically stated.
Guy 1: Hey your Mom's alive!
Guy 1: April foolssss!!!!
Guy 2: But my mom did di-
Guy 1: JK ILY. Talk to you later. *walks off*
Guy 2: WHAT!?
by LOL POSSUMS October 12, 2007
Someone who is the epitome of awkward. Has an uncanny ability of making everyone uncomfortable... consistently.

"Jonathan asked me how far I've been with my boyfriend. WHAT AN AWKTOPUS!"

Child: Daddy! Why are those two octopi hugging for so long!?
Dad: Stop being such an awktopus, Billy. They're fucking!
by LOL POSSUMS October 12, 2007

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