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what people say instead of "at the crack of dawn" to try and be funny.
"Mann It's soo late! I gotta wake up at the crack of ass tomorrow!"
#early #no sleep crack of dawn #tired #sleepy #early in the morning #dawn
by LMLYM7 July 06, 2008
When you really want something or someone.
"hey babygirl, let me get at it, you're so fine."
"eyy, you go that history homework?? Let me get at it!"
#want #need #have #get #really want
by LMLYM7 July 06, 2008
A day you get off of school because it's so cold that melted snow/rain turns into ice and its too dangerous to drive/ run the busses. It's common in Chicago suburbs.
-phone rings-

alex: "dudee why the hell are you calling me so early?!"

max: "Dude, no school! ICE DAY!"

alex: "for real?! Shit, I'm going back to sleep!"
#snow day #iceday #chicago #show #ice
by LMLYM7 July 06, 2008
Illinois public school system actually called the High School Attendance Program(HSAP)used to kick kids out of a class or give them an automatically failing grade due to too many truancies or unexcused tardy-truancies. A "second chance" is given when a students shows improvement in attendance and work/grade, a big meeting is scheduled with your counselor, parents and people from the district.
Joe: Shit son, why were you gone for the last two months of the semester? I thought you were only on step 2 in geology!

Alex: Shit, I got kicked out of school because of too many steps on ALL my classes! I'll graduate...next year!
#steps #hsap #step 4 #step1 #step 2 #step 3
by LMLYM7 July 10, 2008
Mainly in chicago, its short for Bust Down.
You'll get some from her, that bitch is a bussy!
#bussy #bust down #ho #how #skank #slut
by LMLYM7 July 10, 2008
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