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1. To participate in a brutal fight with your boyfriend (which means you have to hit him back) and make yourself look like the victim even if you beat the shit out of him too.

2. To have everyone feel sorry for one's self.

3. Menstrual cycle for females.
1. Janice: Damn, Xavier and I had a Rihanna.

Gwen: Wow, your such a bitch.

2. Katie: Aiden is acting so wrong to you, Ashlee.

Ashlee: I know, I'm going to pull a Rihanna on him so he can treat me right this time.

Katie: Ooh, smart thing to do.

3. John: What's up with Veronica today? She just pushed me out of her way!

Carter: Sorry dude, she's on her Rihanna today. In about 3 more days, she'll be okay.

John: Thank God!
by LMAOProductionz June 23, 2009
1. To have sexual intercourse.

2. To 'tap that' or 'hit it raw'.
Fatamanisha: What up, Keyshawn?

Keyshawn: What's good, mama? You gon' let me gurk that shit today, right?

Fatamanisha: Boy, you nasty!
by LMAOProductionz June 22, 2009
Stain - noun

1. To be highly known and popular.

(Not to be confused with swag or swagger...)
Example 1:

Lisa: I was at the mall and everybody from them other high schools knew me and I didn't even know them!

Tonya: Damn. You must have hella stain.

Example 2:

Joseph: I got 55, 383 friends on Facebook, 22, 989 friends on Myspace, and 801, 116 followers on Twitter.

Xavier: You got that stain, bruh.
by LMAOProductionz February 27, 2010

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