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3 definitions by LIES

An unusual sex-act in the course of which a replacement titanium jawbone is created by scans of the original and a specialised 3D printer, presumably followed by orgasm at the sheer coolness and niceness of it all.
I want to ask her over to my place to see if I could get her to try printing the titanium jawbone with me.
by LIES January 11, 2013
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Poor, loutish, Caucasians, a.k.a. "white trash". African-American term derived from the English 'poor' affixed to the West African 'buuker' or 'buukra', the latter meaning 'demon' or 'white man'.
Every poor white guy knows someone else who's a po'bucker.
by LIES November 26, 2012
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someone who hangs around people who they think are there friends. they stand on the outside of the circle, never have any input and follow people everywhere.
Person 1: oh great here comes claire
Person 2: omg she is such a leech, she just follows us everywhere.
by lies September 19, 2006
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