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20 definitions by LG

Big Pooper Guy. A guy who dumps a huge load particularly at the workplace.
Wow ... there goes another BPG
by LG September 01, 2004
Messenger of a higher being, usually Hindi Pop-Stars.
I am the Shizo of Dahler.
by LG January 19, 2003
small animal that slowly crawls up into your vagina that causes multiple orgasims
man, there goes a yoody.....lets catch him!
by lg January 23, 2004
nuthand is the supreme force and driving power that lies within pagan terrorists everywhere.
NUTHAND is upon you defecat0r.
by lg May 24, 2004
Poke violently
I Gershed the chicken.
by LG January 19, 2003
A vagina.
Max sprang forth from the brearded dragon.
by lg June 09, 2004
Eine Abwandlung von dem Wort "naja". Nojo kann sowohl als Zustimmung anerkannt werden, als auch als fluffiges naja.
<EaR|DuNe> der döner hier ist nur gut weil da so ordentlich tzatziki drauf is
<EaR|DuNe> da gibbet nich in berlin
<EaR|kenny> hmkay
<EaR|DuNe> dafür krieg ich in berlin auch 2 döner für den selben preis
<EaR|DuNe> nojo
<EaR|kenny> nojo
by lg October 29, 2004