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2 definitions by LBorealis

The Domino's Pizza sign hung on a dorm room's doorknob to indicate that you do NOT want to enter: your roommate and his/her significant (or not) other are busy inside.
After my Chemistry pre-lab lecture, I went back to my dorm and...Tasty Choices was up. So I went to my friend's room.
by LBorealis November 01, 2009
One of the many code words for alcohol, especially in respect to beer. Used to imply studying; sometimes students with large backpacks full of "physics textbooks" can be seen taking the outer loop night bus at an unspecified location on Long Island.
"I love physics, man. I love physics in my left hand, physics in my right hand..." -(Ass-Macleod)
by LBorealis November 03, 2009