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This ugly motherfucker who thinks he sooooooooo cool but really hes a trash licking sock fucking pencil sucking white haired leg shaven roach, who reminds me of a retarted albino beaver who got repeatativly wacked with a large rusty pair of sunglasses. plus he hits girls. his mom is a witchbitch.
Taylor: Um, is that mike over there in the grass?!?
David: No, silly goose, thats just dog shit.
#cocksucker #wristwatch #nailclipper #goose #rash
by LAdy gaga June 20, 2012
A person, or persons, whom embody both a "dill hole" and a douche.
Bitch please, that James is a total dillche!
#ant. : rad #amazing #cool. syn. : douche bag #dick #a-hole #etc. common misspelligns: dilch #dilsh
by Lady GAGA August 11, 2008
An amazinggggg tranie from staples who once had to help me with my credit card because it wouldnt go through, and i peed my pants from laughing, it likes to wear mini skirts to staples, has exelent taste in eyeliner and is a little scary, i think hes cool (david doesnt) he recives secret messages from us on the typewriter display, we love you timmothy, david does esspecailly so if you read this please go visit him at his house, you know where it is ;D
David: Ew?!? Is that a guy or a girl at register 2?
Taylor: (slaps him) NO! thats TIMMOTHY, duhh. Dude, serious party foul.
#awesome #trannie #girl/guy #sezzy #staples
by Lady GaGa June 20, 2012
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